Chapter President

Carlin Sekhani-Matthews

Vice President Operations
Riley Guillot

Vice President of Risk Management 
Katherine lee


Vice President of Member Experience
Claire Lazaroe

Vice President of Finance/Housing
Ella Davis

Vice President of Community Relations
Mia Coco

Vice President of Recruitment

Hensley Blackstone

Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion 
Ela Acevedo


Director of Leadership

Abigail Soudelier

Director of Social Events
Ashley Hebert

Director of Member Conduct 
Caroline Zaudtke

Director of Policy and Prevention
Marguerite Schwarz

Director of New Member Experience

Isabel Knaup

Director of Lifelong Membership
Lucy DeBosier

Director of Academics

Emma Kitziger


Director of Fraternity Heritage

Erin Pawelczyk


Director of Housing
Amelia Lambert

Director of Member Finances
Rebecca Bordelon

Director of Service & Philanthropy
Julia Ienusa

Director of Public Relations & Marketing

Olivia Prescott

Director of Diversity & Inclusion

Sneha Atluri


Director of Recruitment Events

Sophia Dones


Director of Member Selection

Celia Dooley

PHC Delegate

Presley Fernandez